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Meet Tracy + Kathy Litwiller

Litwiller Catering is a family owned and run business located in Mid-Michigan. Tracy and Kathy, along with their daughters Elly and Maddie, work together with a few treasured workers to create memorable homemade meals for events of all sizes. 

We have been catering for over 20 years and still enjoy experiencing our clients joy and satisfaction in our homemade meals and desserts. Our passion for great food and the best quality is exemplified in our homemade dinner rolls made fresh the day of your event!

Always striving to make our food stand out in a crowded field, as well as to satisfy our own preference for food that wows, has led us to making our own sauces, salad dressings, bbq rubs and sauce. Sure, rolling homemade pie crust and hand-forming meatballs takes time and effort but the results are worth it! 

Growing up in our Mennonite culture and in a rural farm community gives us an appreciation for the wholesome, hearty, made-from-scratch handcrafted foods. We strive to provide this in all our meals that we prepare and serve to you and your guests from near or far. 

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